Two things you can do to make an upcoming camping trip more enjoyable

Posted on: 22 October 2017

If you have organised a camping trip, here are a couple of things you should do to ensure that your camping experience goes as smoothly as possible:

Make sure your camper trailer lights are in good working order

Few things will spoil a camping trip more than camper trailers with malfunctioning lights. If you travel on a public road with broken ones, you could be stopped by the police and fined, as camper trailers are legally required to have functioning lights.

Additionally, if the indicator lights on your camper trailer are not working as they should be, there is a chance that any vehicle travelling behind yours could end up crashing into your trailer if you suddenly slow down or take an abrupt turn, as the lack of indicators will mean that that the other driver won't realise you are changing speed or direction.

As such, it's worth performing a thorough inspection of this trailer feature before you head off on your camping adventure. Check that the electrical wiring within the light fixtures has not loosened or corroded and make sure that the bulbs are still working. This process should not take more than five minutes and could spare you a lot of stress and hassle during your camping trip.

It's best to inspect the lights at least a few days before you plan to head off on your trip so that you will have time to rectify any problems you discover (such as replacing a shattered bulb, for example) before you have to leave.

Prepare for bad weather

Being stuck inside a tent during a period of bad weather can be rather miserable if you have not prepared for this type of situation.

Even if the forecast indicates that there will be blue skies and sunshine throughout your trip, it's sensible to pack a few items that will keep you and your companions entertained, comfortable and happy if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Firstly, make sure to bring along some portable 'indoor' entertainment, such as a pack of playing cards and a travel-sized board game, as well as a (fully charged) e-tablet, so that you can read books or watch a film inside your camper trailer's tent if it starts to rain.

Additionally, you may want to pack raincoats, umbrellas and some waterproof boots, so that you can go outside and explore the local area in which you're camping, even during bouts of bad weather, and so that you don't end up saturated if you need to pop down to the campsite bathrooms or local shops.


Camping with friends

No one in our social group has much spare money. It's nice to be able to get away from things and hang out with my friends for a weekend though, without any extra stresses or commitments. That's why we often go camping as a group. It's a great cheap way to spend some quality time with our favourite people. We have realised that camping is the most effective way to spend quality time with our nearest and dearest friends and family. This blog is all about camping with other couples and has tips on great locations and gear to make your trips as enjoyable as possible.