Is Your Caravan Truly A Home-From-Home?

Posted on: 22 November 2016

If you love your caravan, chances are you'd like to spend more time in it, especially when the weather is good. There are a few home comforts we all miss, though—things that traditionally can be a little difficult to access when spending a great deal of time on the road or in a campsite. If you'd like to make your home-away-from-home a little more like your actual home, though, there are a few clever tricks that can help.

Cooking Real Food Without Feeling Too Cramped

Cooking in a van can be a pain, but there's only so many tins of sausages and baked beans you can eat before you really start craving something fresher! So what can you do to make it quicker, easier and more reliable to make healthy meals from real ingredients when you're on the road?

Start a herb garden right there in your caravan: by purchasing a wall-mounted pot rack and growing your own herbs in it from seed you'll always have gorgeous fresh flavourings right there when you need them. Once the season's over, bring them in and use them at home.

Forage when you can: nature is stuffed with delicious things to eat, and when you're out camping they're right on your doorstep. Buy yourself a plant, nut, seed and mushroom identification book, and see what you can find. Just make sure you only eat things when you're 100% certain on what they are!

Consider upgrading your caravan's cooking accessories: many older caravans have hobs and ovens that are nowhere near as good as the ones installed today. You don't need a new van to benefit from this—simply ask your local dealer if they can put you in touch with someone who can make the upgrade.

Making An Outdoor Space That Really Feels Like Yours

Many of us love relaxing in our gardens at home—and, of course, the major draw of spending your summer in a caravan is to enable you to spend more time outdoors. It can be nice to put some effort into making that space feel a little like it belongs to you, though, and here's how.

Use your caravan's accessories wisely: an awning can be a great way to start building your own private corner. If your van doesn't have one already, consider having one installed!

Pick up a set of great windbreaks: windbreakers aren't just for shielding you from the wind—they can also be used to carve out a little bit of space that's all your own and make your campsite pitch feel like a real 'garden'.

Buy some fun accessories to personalise the space: fairy lights, decorative flags or windmills and bunting all look lovely and will help you to feel at home. You might also want to consider spending a little extra money on your folding camping chairs and tables to get them in a design you love—you won't regret it when you see how nice it feels to be at home!


Camping with friends

No one in our social group has much spare money. It's nice to be able to get away from things and hang out with my friends for a weekend though, without any extra stresses or commitments. That's why we often go camping as a group. It's a great cheap way to spend some quality time with our favourite people. We have realised that camping is the most effective way to spend quality time with our nearest and dearest friends and family. This blog is all about camping with other couples and has tips on great locations and gear to make your trips as enjoyable as possible.